XJ/MJ/ZJ Track Bar System

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This is a complete system kit that includes our adjustable track bar, track bar bracket, and track bar crossbrace. All necessary hardware is provided for installation. 100% bolt on. Comes in a black textured powder coated finish.

Track Bar

This is the strongest front track bar system on the market. Constructed from 1.25" high carbon (1045) steel that is cold-formed with welded and forged axle end bushing shell. We use a Barnes4wd Enduro Joint at the frame side that we TIG root weld and cover with a MIG pass for unmatched strength and penetration. The Track Bar offers 6" of 1.25x12 thread single point machined directly on bar itself. No die threading for weak threads. NO OTHER COMPANY USES THIS MUCH THREAD.

Optional upgraded axle side bushing bolt hole sizes for stock 10mm bolt, 1/2" or 9/16" bolts. Bolts are not included. 

Track Bar Bracket

The construction of our bracket is laser-cut and CNC formed 1/4" thick 100,000 psi Domex steel. The bolt on design replaces factory bracket with no fuss using factory hardware. 2.625 bushing width to allow for a full-size Currie Johnny Joint or our adapted Enduro Joint. 9/16 x 4 grade 8 bolt for main bushing included. Angled forward for builders who push axle forward to clear larger tires yet still compatible with stock configurations.

This bracket comes in three styles

Regular Bracket - Regular track bar location with no drop added in. 

1” Drop Bracket - Drops track bar down 1”. Great for correcting track/draglink angle relationship, especially if you over 6” of lift. 

Offset Bracket - Offers regular location, 1” drop and 1” offset or combined. Helps to achieve a longer track bar length and/or better angle. Works well with OTK Steering setups. 

Choose Track Bar Axle Side Bushing Bolt Size - Stock 10mm, 1/2" Bolt Hole, or 9/16" Bolt Hole. 

Track Bar Cross Brace

The brace construction is laser-cut, and CNC formed 1/4" thick steel. The bolt on design allows for easy installation on our Track Bar Bracket. The brace reinforces the Track Bar Bracket creating second cross-member for the front of the Jeep much like our Steering Box Brace. It may need light trimming to clear larger rod ends.

This Track Bar system will fit 2" lift height and up, but we recommend 3". Anything below 2-3" and down will require proper bump stopping.

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