XJ/MJ/ZJ Track Bar Brackets

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The Bracket is made from laser-cut and CNC formed 1/4" thick 100,000 psi Domex steel. The bolt on design replaces factory bracket with no fuss using factory hardware. It is designed for a 2.625 bushing width to allow a full size Currie Johnny Joint or our adapted Enduro Joint. 9/16 x 4 grade 8 bolt for main bushing included. Angled forward for builders who push axle forward to clear larger tires and still perfectly compatible with the stock mounting location.

Comes in three styles:

Regular Bracket - Regular track bar location with no drop added in. 

1” Drop Bracket - Drops track bar down 1”. Great for correcting track/draglink angle relationship, especially if you over 6” of lift. 

Offset Bracket - Offers regular location, 1” drop and 1” offset or combined. Helps to achieve a longer track bar length and/or better angle. Works well with OTK Steering setups. 

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