XJ No Lift Shackle Brackets

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The minute you lift the 84-01 Jeep Cherokee, your shackle is no longer
able to function as intended. The angle is almost always perpendicular to the ground and the springs cannot flex as required. The Shackle Relocation Brackets relocate the shackles to correct those problems. It also allows for more articulation and wheel travel with a considerably smoother ride. Our version, while similar to other manufacturers, allows the use of all XJ shackles to include the factory shackles. Often times, other SRB's are too narrow requiring you to use only their SRB.

This setup allows the installer to cut out the OEM shackle box, drill the
mounting holes, bolt in, and weld if desired. This creates a sturdy
adjustable relocation system for the shackle, that offers 4 holes with no
additional lift. There are 3 holes with 1/2" lift to help with sagging springs.

This kit includes a driver and passenger relocation bracket, all hardware,
all nut strips and flag nuts.


This kit does not include shackles


Add Shackles

Add on 1” Lift shackles or our Adjustable Shackles. Our adjustable shackles can give you approximately 1.5”- 8” of lift. The 1” shackles are fixed for a 1” lift only (They are the featured shackle in the picture above). 

Add Nutstrips

While installing shackle relocation brackets, it is highly recommended to replace your stock worn out rusty nutstrips, if you have not already done so. The nutstrips are an important part of retaining all relocation brackets, bumpers, and hitches in place. Having healthy nutstrips is critical and safe. 

Install Video

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