XJ/MJ Front 4 Link System

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Expect a 30 day build time on all 4 link orders.

All new orders will come with our new beam link lowers

The 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee has become A common platform for an affordable off-road vehicle. Sadly the aftermarket has been dragging its feet for years to create an effective tunable platform for a real 4 link suspension for the front. With different driving styles and different terrains and uses, Cherokee suspensions also need to be able to adapt to these terrains and uses. With that stated here is the IronMan4x4fab.com offering for that very purpose.  This is a ¼” thick, A50, 5 piece cross member designed with suspension tuning in mind. With 4 lower link length locations and 4 upper link heights This system allows the suspension builder tune for low center of gravity setups for rocks or tall setups with more down force for mud. All of this benefit and it only hangs 2” below the chassis. This is better clearance than any other system that we are aware of!  Here are some more specs on this system.

This kit only includes the front 4 link system. Rear 4 link system sold separately.


Upper Links Double Adjustable - 36" Collapsed with 10" of adjustment

Lower Beam Links Single Adjustable - 36" Collapsed with 3" of true adjustment

  • Upper links are made out of 1.25" Solid 1045 CRS and machine threaded. 
  • Lower links are 3-Bend Formed 1/4" wall 50,000psi steel. 
  • Barnes4wd Enduro Joints are used at the frame and Clevite Rubber at the axle. 
  • Optional Ironman Flex Joint for frame side upper joints. 


  • Bolt on and weld on system for ultimate strength and rigidity. (must weld on)
  • All hardware is grade 8 or higher
  • Upper link mounts bolt from bottom with 12- ½” bolts per side.
  • Locates entirely on the bottom of the chassis so it works with all frame stiffeners.
  • Exhaust will require minor modification for clearance. 
  • Only sits 2” below chassis.
  • This kit is designed for our rear 4 link to mate up to it.
  • Combined with our Adjustable Upper and Lower Links; you can adjust your anti-dive from 75% - 120% from multiple link mounting locations. 

All Hardware will be provided for installation.

This kit only includes the front 4 link system. Rear 4 link system sold seperately.

Comes with our beam link lowers. Not all of the photos reflect beam links. 

Expect a 30 day build time on these.

Made 100% in the USA 

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