WJ Motor Mounts & Trans Mount Package

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This is a combo deal on our 4.7 or 4.0 motor mounts and 42RE or 545RFE transmission mounts. Save some money and never replace these mounts again! 

4.7 / 4.0 Motor Mounts

Made 100% in USA with 5/16 and 1/4" laser cut plate! CNC formed for superior accuracy. Precision pulse MIG welded for strength. These mounts use a much firmer bushing than stock. Designed for increased torque transfer and increased rigidity from the drivetrain!  No more cracked manifolds and fans through the radiator! Sold in pairs.

42RE / 54RFE Transmission Mounts
CNC Formed from 100,000 PSI, 0.250" laser-cut steel. Designed for replacement of WJ 42RE or 545RFE Transmission Mount in 4x4 applications. 6061 T6 Aluminum sleeve for extreme strength and corrosion resistance.Custom made 88-Durometer pre-loaded poly bushing for a strong but not overly harsh feel. Heavy powder-coat to last in a dirty environment. Allows more torque to be transferred to the drive train increasing performance. 

The 545RFE Transmission is commonly found in 4.7L Engines. 

The 42RE Transmission is commonly found in 4.0L Engines.

Verify your transmission before ordering.


All engine mounts use a proprietary clevite rubber bushing that absorbs energy, but does not allow the engine to move around freely like an OE mount. These mounts are designed for heavy abuse and off-road applications. These mounts can allow for more vibrations to be felt in the vehicle. If you drive your Jeep and like that it feels like your moms minivan do not buy these mounts. We do not refund installed parts because you don't like how they feel. If you want more torque transfer, more power to the ground, unbeatable reliability and strength then these are the mounts for you. If you want to maintain the original floppy soft feel of factory mounts THEN DO NOT BUY THESE!

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