WJ Knuckle Swap Kit OTK

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This is a kit to help you get your swap rolling with some of the key necessities. The WJ knuckle swap is a common steering solution for those who want an Over The Knuckle high steer steering setup, and have the benefits of large brakes for more stopping power. The WJ Grand Cheorkee passenger side knuckle has a high steer arm for the draglink from factory. This eliminates the need for an intersecting tie rod and other variations of a Y link steering setup. No more tie rod roll or bad geometry! Just direct high clearance steering with brakes that bite.

Our kit includes:

  • 7075 T6 Aluminum Draglink with 1 Ton rod ends
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum Tie Rod with 1 Ton rod ends (offsets optional)
  • Over The Axle Track Bar Bracket 
  • Over The Axle Track Bar
  • Frameside Track Bar Bracket  (Choose Style: Regular, 1" Drop, Offset)
  • Track Bar Crossbrace
  • WJ Knuckle Spacers 
  • 1 Ton Reamer
  • Hardware

All You need to source is:

  • WJ Knuckles (WJ Grand Cherokees are everywhere in salvage yards)
  • Slotted WJ Rotors for 5x4.5 hubs
  • WJ Brake Calipers (MUST be Akebono brand) 
  • WJ Brake Caliper Brackets

While you're at it, we also recommend you grab:

  • New ball joints
  • New Hubs (2004-2006 TJs have longer studs)

Option 1: Choose how you want to ream your knuckles and pitman arm to accept the 1 Ton Rod ends. This is required to install this steering system. A 1 Ton Reamer or Tapered Inserts are available. 

1 Ton Reamer - Utilize a Drill to ream out knuckles to proper depth for tight fitment of 1 ton rod ends.

Tapered Inserts - Drill out knuckles and pitman arm to fit the pre-tapered inserts that accept 1 ton rod ends.

Option 2: Choose which Track Bar Bracket style you want. Offset allows for a 1” longer and/or a 1” drop. Has four mounting locations so you can adjust the angle to best match your draglink. 1” Drop stays in the factory location and drops 1”. The Regular bracket keeps your factory location. Choose whats best for you! 

Option 3: Looking to do Hydro assist? Add on our Hydro Steering Skid as well. This is a common upgrade along with WJ Steering. We have a skid kit that includes a 1/4” skid, gussets and brackets. This allows you to mount your steering ram and keep it protected. 




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