Universal Bump Stop Pad w/ D-Ring Tie Down

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Universal bump stop pad for 3”- 4” axle tube with tie down D ring. 

We always try to pack as much function into every product we design as possible and on our own personal rigs a tie down point on the axle was always sketchier than it needed to be. When designing and utilizing our custom air bump mount we decided on a strong and simple air bump pad that did take up much real estate.  In the process we included a hole perfect for a d ring ro be used in safe and secure axle tie down for the trailer. The formed plate when properly welded makes for a side load rigidity that won’t crush under severe air bump load. 

  • Main mount is ½” thick 50,000 psi (A572) steel 
  • Top pad is ¼” thick 50,000 psi (A572) steel.   
  • One purchase contains two bump pads and two mounts. (pair) 
  • Designed for 3”-4” axle tubes.

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