TJ Rear Lower Extended Clearance Shock Mounts

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One of the most common issues with any TJ when you lift any amount over 2” is the rear shocks crashing into the axle side coil mounts. This in turn requires the purchase and install of some sort of extension. The issue with the extension is that it more than doubles the leverage on the already weak and thin factory shock mount that is vulnerable under the axle. 

These replacement shock mounts have the additional length needed to clear the coil bucket as well as the strength to handle all the abuse you can throw at them. These are even tough enough and dimensioned properly to mount a coil over shock.  

Laser cut and CNC formed from 50,000 psi, ¼” thick steel for ultimate strength and reliability.

1.5” wide, racing shock width. (½” washer allows for OE fit) 

Please read before purchase! 

  • This is a DIY part designed to be a solution in this application but comes un welded and without instructions as a knowledgeable installer will know how to do so already. 
  • The cut-outs on this part are designed to be able to fit any axle tube from 2.5-4” with some grinding and because of this needed grinding the angle is not exactly the OE angle.  FINE GRINDER TUNING IS REQUIRED TO MAKE THESE THE DESIRED ANGLE BASED ON LIFT HEIGHT AND DESIRED SHOCK LOCATION!  
  • These parts come as a pair with a backing plate to be welded on after the inside section of the shock mount is welded on. It is advised all parts be adjusted, tacked in place, fit with the shock in place and motion tested before final welding. 

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