MJ Rear 4 Link Brackets

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Expect a 30 day build time on these.

We are offering a limited run of 10 MJ brackets. Get them while they're hot! These are the same brackets JCR us for their SEMA build JCRManche.

  • Weld on MJ Rear 4 link brackets. 
  • Provides true double triangulation
  • Adjustable seperation Angles from 0 - 8" at 1" incriments
  • 1/4" Steel and fully welded ready for installation
  • These are full weld on brackets. 

We also have an option for a rear 4 link truss to make your 4 link build that much easier. Designed for a 3" axle tube, but can be easily modified to fit a variety of axles. 

Made 100% in the USA 

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