King Pin Dana 60 C-Gusset Kit

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King Pin Dana 60 C-Gusset Kit

The Kingpin dana 60 has always been the Go-to front axle to build for rocks, trails and racing. With almost no natural weak point the only real stressed location for huge tires and big hits is the upper Inner C knuckle for the kingpin. Replacement aftermarket knuckles are great but expensive and labor intensive.

Our solution is this full weld on .250" Plate Steel Gusset Kit to reinforce the entire inner C area and the axle tube. We also offer two small wing gussets for increased reinforcement per side. 

The upper gusset is also designed with a flat top surface perfect for mounting our angled shock mount specifically for this application.  These require skilled welding and fitting for proper install.  This kit includes two lower brackets, two upper brackets and a left and right wing per side.

Optional Shock Mounts are 1.5" wide with 1/2" Bolt Hole. 

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