2017+ JL/JT D30/D44 Double Boxed Inner C-Gusset Kit

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 JL/JT Double Boxed Inner C gusset Kit with accessory bracket

With a fully saturated market of companies scrambling to make as many products for the JL/JT Jeeps, we noticed a significant lack of products that are actually structurally additive instead of just merely cosmetic. In comes our offering with our Double Boxed upper and lower weld on Inner C gusset system, that adds unmatched rigidity and integrity to the smile happy inner C gussets on the new Jeeps.

What is double boxed?

When installed Properly, The 3/8 “ thick perpendicular gussets create a foundation for more rigidity on their own and reinforce the centerline of the 1⁄4” thick Boxed gussets that wrap the inner C, as well as, tie it further back on the axle tube, shortening the length of bendable tube on the axle housing. This creates two boxes of gusset above and below the axle tube. With the pass through and weld design these end up welding the perpendicular gussets to the inner C, to the axle tube, and to the boxed gusset, as well as the same for the boxed gusset itself. Tying the entire structure to itself multiple times. No other system adds this much strength to the outside of the JL/JT front axles !

Accessory bracket?

The 3/16” thick accessory bracket comes powder coated and with new hardware designed hold pod lights or whatever else you may want to mount on the jeep inner C. This bracket is designed tough to be able to take the abuse seen under the jeep for severe situations. No chincy sheet metal tabs here.

Included in Kit:

  • 2 upper gusset kits with 3⁄8” perpendicular gussets and 1⁄4” boxed gussets.

  • 2 lower gusset kits with 3⁄8” perpendicular gussets and 1⁄4” boxed gussets

  • 2 black powder coated 3/16” accessory bracket.

  • 4 M8 x 1.25 x 30 bolts and 4 M8 Washers to replace OEM wire bolts.


    -This kit must be installed by a professional and experienced welder/installer.
    -Upper and lower ball joints must be removed before welding as the heat will ruin the internals. -As always with any DIY weld and fit part, These may require light grinding for fitment based on variation on OEM inner c gussets, axle tubes and welds.
    -Do not weld with axle weighted on inner C as the heating process under load may alter the OEM knuckle geometry.

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