Ironman Super Trailing Arms

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Trailing arm suspension is nothing new, but the benefits far outweigh the hindrances. They are now being used on almost every off road application 4 link. After decades of desert use with thin wall boxed chromoly trailing arms being the norm, improvements had to be made for the rocks and for the budget. In good Ironman4x4fab fashion we decided to design some DIY trailing arms with all of the current market shortcomings taken into account (other than weight).

These trailing arms are completely a DIY weld together product. They start with a main formed body made from 5/16” (.3125) thick A572 plate steel. Next, within the body are X2 1⁄2” (.500) main shock mount plates that stack with the structural design. This crosses the common failure points of the other trailing arm designs on the market. A 1⁄4” (.250) center spine and cross plates internally truss and box the main forward structure and inner key with the 1⁄4” thick top plate. Once fully welded these are over 55 lbs each.

The Ironman4x4fab super trailing arms are designed on a 48” eye to eye basic dimension. See included photo for all other specs.

The front radius for welding in the main joint is 2.625 for the intention of using our Super Anti wobble/flop joint:


The rear box structure is designed around a 1.5” square shape for any 1.5” boxed tube insert or our 1.25-12 RH tube insert available here (coming soon).

Shipping on these is quite expensive as they are over 100 lbs for the pair and over 50” long. Shipping rates may vary depending on location. 

These do not come welded. They are sold in pairs. 

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