Big Kid 3 Link Anti wrap / Traction Bar Radius Arm Brackets

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3 Link, Anti wrap / Traction Bar, Radius Arm, Brackets. 

The nature of a solid axle under torsion is to twist. From complete suspension systems to anti wrap traction bar setups, these brackets offer a simple axle side mount for a multitude of designs and options. Sold as a pair, and made from 1/2” thick A572 (50,000) Psi steel with 5/8 holes, these brackets can handle all the abuse you throw at them!

3 link: This is perfect for the axle side mount for the two arms, (upper and lower) and one lower arm on the other side with a panhard bar. Front or rear application. Multiple holes available for tuning the characteristics of the anti squat/dive. 

Anti Wrap / Traction Bar: Leaf springs like to twist under load. A basic anti wrap traction bar system (almost always custom made per vehicle) will use an upper and lower mount tying into one and then to a shackle. These brackets are already set up with the ideal hole locations and dimensions for this application! 

Radius Arm: Another simple and flexible suspension  design would use 4 of these brackets, 2 per side, with the upper arm intersecting into a lower arm with a panhard bar. Front or rear application.

Designed for a 3-1/2" Axle Tube. 

Sold as Pairs

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