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Ironman4x4fab LLC

1 Ton Reamer

$85.00 USD

This is our 1 Ton Reamer to install 1 Ton steering systems. Nothing is more frustrating than reaming out a knuckle or pitman and sacrafcing your wrists in the name of steering. We have tried many different reamers on the market and we have found that a majority of them are Non-US based manufacturers with a subpar quality standard. They lose their edge after repeated uses and catch constantly.

We have a solution that addresses these concerns. Our reamer is contructed 100% in the USA. The spiral fluted design greatly reduces the ability of the reamer to catch and spin your drill and potentially hurting yourself. They are a 7.2 Degree taper for Chevy Rod Ends. This is the industry standard size for most 1 ton steering systems. 

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