WJ 1 Ton OTK 7075 Steering System

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This is a 1 Ton Steering upgrade for the WJ Grand Cherokee. Steering links are made out of solid 7075 T6 Aluminum that are machined to accept 7/8-18 Rod Ends. 7075 T6 is incredibly strong, light weight, and bounces back to its original shape. This is a heavy duty steering setup meant to take abuse.

This system is designed for a Over The Knuckle Setup. Pictures reflect UTK configuration.

The system includes:

  • x1 Draglink
  • x1 Tie Rod
  • x4 Rods
  • x1 Optional 1 Ton Reamer or x3 Tapered Inserts
  • x2 Optional Anti-Roll Lockout washers

Add Anti-roll Lockout washers to help reduce tie rod roll on your Tie Rod. Keeps rod ends parallel to the knuckle. 

Choose how you want to ream your knuckles and pitman arm to accept the 1 Ton Rod ends. This is required to install this steering system. A 1 Ton Reamer or Tapered Inserts are available. 

1 Ton Reamer - Utilize a Drill to ream out knuckles to proper depth for tight fitment of 1 ton rod ends.

Tapered Inserts - Drill out knuckles and pitman arm to fit the pre-tapered inserts that accept 1 ton rod ends.

The track bar pictured is not included (Custom Track Bars can be made).

It is required to have min 3.75” back spacing for 15” wheels, 4” min for 16” and 4.25 for 17”. If you do not meet these requirements, this will not fit.

For custom lengths or other custom applications, Please call us.

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