Complete Chassis/Frame Side Track Bar Joint

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Here at Ironman we have been building track bars for 15 years now. We have tried a multitude of flex joints on the chassis side mount and have experimented with other brands before our own.  After years of R&D we couldn’t be more pleased with our current setup. 

This joint will replace all Joints for all previous track bars of ours, that use our 1.25”-12 x 5” thread standard. While we keep joint replacement kits, If you cannot get one from us, currie 2.5” joint internals work as well in a pinch! 

The not so secret to this joint,  first of all is that it is pure beef! 1.75* 1045 High carbon steel bar thread body machined to a .281 wall thickness! With 4” of internal threading and a beautiful pre-weld bevel on the cope, the construction is an unmatched work of art.

The internals use a 90 durometer Poly bushing pair that we pre load during assembly, so that it cannot loosen over time. We also use laser cut .188 thick stainless washers that are then machined to our specific thickness to maintain the forces needed to keep this joint strong and tight for a very long time! When combined with the .188 wall 1045 housing and a stainless ball center, that won’t corrode or deform, these track bar joints are our best yet! This replacement part can come bare steel or powdercoated texture black. (same price) 

These joints also can be mounted on our lower short arms, and upper links for our four link systems. 

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