XJ Frame Stiffeners - Full Kit

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As The XJ cherokee gets older and more worn / rusty, The unibody frame section of the chassis gets more and more vulnerable to failure over time. Add in larger tires, heavier axles and more abuse from off-road use and before you know it, you have big problems with high stress areas of the chassis failing. These 3/16” thick, A572 P&0 plate, off-road Intentionally designed frame stiffeners are the solution to this problem. We designed these mindful of modified, Linked, long armed, you name it we took it into account for cutaways and weld ins so that you will have a strong clean result. We even included a matching cutaway to match our track bar bracket in the front for weld in purposes.

Front Frame Stiffeners:

The front plates are the foundation for starting the rigidity across the chassis. We did not go into the bumper bracket territory to leave plenty of room for aftermarket brackets designed with OEM chassis width. The installer can either cut away the lower control arm mount for long arm setups or trim these to fit and wrap around and under.

Mid Frame Stiffeners:

The mid stiffeners are right and left specific and form beside and under the chassis and even lightly wrap up again to follow the shape of the chassis. These line up beautifully with every available hole in the chassis for retaining draining and fastening to OEM and custom mounting.

Rear Frame Stiffeners:

The rear stiffeners include coverage all the way to the hitch location to reinforce all chassis elements utilizing that area. These have multiple parts to help wrap and tie all sections of the chassis around OEM brackets and fuel tank hoses (cutaway).

As of now we are building and selling these as complete kits only. They are designed to work together and work as a full unit. These are not designed to integrate into other manufacturers parts and we cannot guarantee fitment with other manufacturers aftermarket products.

Fitment with our relocation brackets and leaf spring brackets does require some modification for install because of chassis dimension changes. Feel free to always reach out for additonal details.

Full kit includes:

  • 2 Front Stiffeners, 
  • 2 Mid Stiffeners, 
  • 2 Leaf Spring box tie ins, 
  • 2 rear stiffeners
  • 2 rear filler plates. 

Introductory price: $599.99 shipped lower 48

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