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Ironman4x4fab LLC

JK 2.5 Ton Steering System

$850.00 USD

Our 2.5 Ton JK Steering uses cartridge style rod ends that can easily be flipped to be ran Over The Knuckle or Under The Knuckle. Replacing rod ends has never been easier! There are different options for different taper sizes to suit your needs. Call for special ordering and information. 


System includes 1.75" OD .281 DOM bare steel links cut to the proper length, with machined threads and milled wrench flats. Kit is 100% bolt on in place of factory steering links, no welding or other modifications required. Rod ends come with rubber lockout washer to prevent tie rod roll or regular rubber boot can be used instead. 


Add Belleville washers for the jam nuts to ensure jam nuts do not work themeselves loose. Belleville washers are conical spring washers with a serated face that exert pressure between the Jam nut and the link prevent them from loosening up over time or from offroad abuse.


Kit will also require 1-3/4" OD clamp to attach hydraulic assist ram or steering stabilizers. 


Made 100% in the USA 

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