Anti Wobble Joint

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Anti wobble joints or wobble stopping joints are nothing new to the offroad and racing market.

The most common application being for a trailing or leading arm suspension system, so the link can pivot in the joint but not twist. This function is to protect the shock eyes from breaking when the trailing arm articulates. While we are old school and prefer a trailing arm like this:


Which mounts the shocks below the centerline of the front and rear joints to combat the twisting. We also understand that some folks want a smooth bottom above centerline trailing arm and this joint will help in that application, as well as help your wallet.

These are completely rebuildable and use the common 1” center bore spherical bearing. The Housing is 2-5/8" around and is CNC machined from 4130 chromoly steel. With a wall thickness of 7/16” at the spherical and 5/16” at the thinnest location. That makes this housing is massively strong.

The super strong 90 Durometer bushings are designed with the proper “pre-load” to make the polyurethane last a long time and have a full radius mount design as well, so there are no sharp edges to cut the poly under extreme forces. The proper seal and preload created by these also keeps the spherical bearings nice and clean. These bushings are available as a replacement for only $20 a pair.

We finished these off with beautifully machined alignment spacers made from 304 stainless, that create a perfect flat joint face. Allowing the joint to fit neatly in place with no edges to make the install any harder than it needs to be.

This is obviously a weld in housing and the integrity of the joint to the trailing arm will rely on the ability of the welder. As any weld in joint do not weld with the joint assembled only weld the housing and after cooling can the joint be assembled.

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