XJ Leaf Spring Mount Stretch Kit

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Many Cherokees are now well past 20 years old and while they are still a viable platform for the avid off road enthusiast they are simply starting to rust apart. The rear leaf spring hangers under the rear seats are notorious for this problem and we have made the solution!

Simply cut out the old bracket then weld and bolt this in! Made from 3/16” AR50 steel this mount is not only twice as strong as the original but it also grabs the entire chassis sub frame and bolts in 9 different places per side. All bolt holes must be drilled.

This Kit also offers 3 hole locations past the OE mounting hole for those wishing to stretch their wheelbase. Anything over a 1” stretch will require our relocation brackets for the rear.

This kit is a highly involved install and should be done by a knowledgeable installer as well as a qualified welder. This is designed to be bolted and welded on.

Only sold in pairs. All hardware included for install.


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