Dual Shock Mount Kit

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With the off road racing scene growing fast in our industry, it is becoming more common to see bypass shocks and coil over shocks being ran together on each corner of the vehicle. Mounting both shocks with enough clearance and at the right angles is often done poorly and incorrectly. This dual shock mount allows for the standard 1.5" width and 1/2" bolt hole with perfect clearance between the shocks up to 18" of travel.

The front mount sits lower allowing for a bypass/coilover combo to mount level at the top.

These are made from 1/4" thick, 100,000 psi Domex steel for unmatched strength and flawless welding. They are designed so that the shocks can sit above and in front of the axle. Allowing for better angles for impact and increased wheel travel.

Simply assemble the parts and level the front lower plate with the ground and your level is achieved. Weld in place and race!


Some grinding is required for key fitment given your axle tube size.

These are available in two sizes:

Axle tubes 2.25"-2.5"

Axle tubes 3.0"-3.5"

Sold in Pairs


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