Axle Track Bar Bracket

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This bracket has been designed with most over the knuckle and WJ knuckle conversions in mind. Its purpose is to raise the track bar geometry back inline with the drag link while keeping the track bar as long as possible.

This is a weld on bracket. Welding and grinding is required for install. Simply cut off the face of the XJ, TJ, MJ, or LJ lower track bar mount on the axle and bolt this up inside to align desired location and weld the entirety of the bracket to the axle. Light grinding near the coil may be required depending on coil location.

Made from 3/16" thick A50 steel and a proper width bolt and spacer is included for internal rigidity. Always use this bolt in one unused hole. Four hole settings allow for great adjustment options depending on where your OTK steering kit sits. Paired with our OTK frame side track bar bracket and track bar. This allows an OTK track bar system that can be as little as only 1" shorter than the OE dimensions.

Made 100% in the USA

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